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MAATa Beam Pro


M.A.A.T(Motion Analysis Adoption Technology) is a genuine technolgy of NETMEDIA in which the gyro stabilizer analyzes the user’s handheld motions to achieve high-resolution follow shots and support the smoothest filming. 

“Being the best at something means to bring joy and inspiration to others through your talents.” (from the book, “Friendly Trust” by Kim, Jihun)


The role of cinematographers is to film other people. Also, it is their job to bring joy to those who are filmed and to those who want the film, as well as inspiration to those watch the film. That’s why they strive to give their utmost.


There is no doubt they need the best equipment to do their job.


The best result goes along with one’s utmost effort. There can’t be a best result without one’s utmost effort. All the more, you can’t call someone “the best” if he hasn’t given his utmost effort.


This is why your equipment should be able to deliver your utmost effort.


You and your equipment make a film that brings joy and inspiration to others.


Thus, your equipment should be your partner on the field.

It should be able to continue the job with you for a long time.


Remember, you are a maker of joy and inspiration for others.

MAATabeam Pro
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